I have spoken to many people who have moved locally and long distance.  They said moving was sometimes very stressful as they found the most complicated task was not knowing how to pack their valuables so they arrived safely at their home.  Relocate Stress Free assisted the clients with a few tips and they have now learned from these mistakes and avoided the moving stresses.   So if you are packing yourself here are a few pointers:

  • Use smaller boxes for heavier items. Using a small box will cause less breakages as not many heavy items will fit in small boxes.
  • Label your electronics for easy reassembly  Using color-coded labels for the cords on your computer and also your electronics can save you time and hassle during reassembly.  Some even recommend taking a picture before unplugging your electronics as a visual on how to put them back together.

label cord

  • Be organized with your time and don’t wait until the last minute to pack.  Begin packing several weeks in advance, if possible. That way you have time to go through your items properly without rushing.  It is a great time to purge some unwanted items or put items in storage that don’t fit into your new home.
  • Strategically pack.  Using a label on each box with the room it will go to, and try to pack the items you’ll need right away last for easier access.  Use red duct tape on boxes that have essentials in them so they are easy to locate and unpack first.

Moving box

Professional movers at Relocate Stress Free can also assist in packing your items and make your move easier from the very first box to the very last box!  Stay tuned for more moving tips.